Rose and Caramel - Clarity Tanning Mousse - Beauty Gold
Rose and Caramel - Clarity Tanning Mousse
ROSE AND CARAMEL-Rose and Caramel - Clarity Tanning Mousse-Beauty Gold

Rose and Caramel - Clarity Tanning Mousse

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Rhian Sugden teams up with Rose & Caramel to launch Clarity, a no-nonsense self tan for product conscious people

In light of her own fertility struggles, Rhian wanted to create an all-natural self tan using minimal ingredients while still achieving maximum results

Whether like Rhian, you’re trying to completely cutting out products with unnecessary, harmful additives – or you just really care about the types of products you’re consuming and what’s inside them, Clarity by Rhian Sugden is made using all vegan friendly ingredients, with natural caramel colouring and absolutely no harsh chemicals, parabens, colourants or preservatives – and has been produced with the kindest formulation possible.

With a streak free formula that is hydrating and kind to skin, they have taken out all of the bad, while leaving in all of the good – so that you can achieve a flawless self tan at home, without having to worry about what’s inside. Now that you’ve got some Clarity in your life, why settle for anything less.

All of Clarity’s ingredients are organic and vegan friendly, we’ve used natural caramel colouring and cut out all harsh chemicals, colourants and parabens. We’ve stripped our formula back – but without compromising on the quality of the tan